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Let us help make the manufacturing process easier for you in China.

We help you navigate your mass manufacturing as your boots on the ground in China.


Factory Selection

We’ll help you identify the right factory in China for you, your product type, complexity, and projected volumes. We will also audit and evaluate factories to validate that they are trustworthy and have the competencies to reliably manufacture your product.


Manufacturing Management

Once you’ve chosen your factory, we’ll manage your entire production and supply chain, troubleshooting issues that arise, suggesting process improvements and supporting on quality control, certifications, and final testing before shipment.


Ongoing Production Management

Now that you’ve selected a factory and have produced your product successfully, we can continue to help manage the relationship with your factory, place repeat purchase orders, and manage your inventory.



You will enter into a commercial engagement with our Hong Kong entity and we will provide you with a legal framework that you can understand and trust. Our Chinese office in Guangzhou, which is fully owned by our Hong Kong entity, will contract with the local manufacturers, vendors and suppliers.

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