How We Add Value 

The internet has made access to Chinese suppliers, development firms and manufacturers significantly easier than before. However, navigating through the volume of information provided by resources such as Alibaba and Digikey can be challenging. Also, these online resources don't provide full transparency into the capabilities, facilities and reliability of vendors listed on their platforms. 

As a result, we've consistently seen entrepreneurs overwhelmed by the selection process and fearful that they aren't making informed decisions. Furthermore, we've noticed that teams manufacturing for the first time often don't have an accurate understanding of the full costs of manufacturing and realistic production lead times, which can lead to false promises made to distributors and backers.

We believe that by combining consultancy and execution, we can not only help our clients navigate through manufacturing as smoothly as possible but also establish a robust and reliable supply chain in China. 

Our Offer

Brinc offers service packages appropriate for each stage of your manufacturing journey. 

Pre-Manufacturing Discovery

  • Understand product requirements
  • Researching and define strategies
  • Gap Analysis
  • Vendor profile building
  • Vendor Sourcing
  • Vendor Audit

Ideal stage: You have a  detailed product requirements, a fully functional design and funding to sustain development, but doesn't know how to move forward.

Outcome: We will help you define an appropriate strategy and source the appropriate resources for you.

Commercials: We will charge a one time fixed fee, dependent on the complexity of your product.


Manufacturing Management

  • DFM Facilitation
  • Pre-production management
  • Mass production management
  • Certification arrangement
  • First Batch shipment

Ideal stage:  you have selected a manufacturer (through Brinc or independently) and would like a third party to oversee production, troubleshoot any issues that arise, and provide you with timely updates on progress. 

Outcome: The products fully manufactured and production batch shipped to customers or backers. 

Commercials: Monthly management fee, dependent on the complexity of your product. 


Purchase Order Management

  • Inventory management
  • Placing purchase orders 
  • Production management
  • Logistics coordination & management

Ideal Stage: You have already manufactured and shipped their product, has a stable relationship with their factory and would like an experience team to manage their supply chain as they scale their business.

Outcome: The maintenance of a scalable and reliable supply chain.

Commercials: Monthly management fee, dependent on the complexity of your product.