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Manufacturing can seem daunting when going through the process for the first time. A lot of our clients had initially voiced the following concerns:

  • Why am I being faced with unexpected manufacturing costs?

  • How do I ensure that my production progresses on schedule?

  • How do I ensure the quality of products being shipped is in line with my expectations?


Let us step in and manage your entire production process - providing transparency on all fixed and hidden costs, ensuring that a strict quality control process is in place, and keeping your factory on schedule so that your goods get shipped on time.


Contract Review & Negotiation

We will review proposals, contracts and any legal documents provided by your chosen vendor to validate that the terms are fair and favorable.


Pre-Production Management

We will transfer your essential design files and articulate your product specifications to ensure your contract manufacturer has a clear understanding of your needs. We will also test the quality of the ‘golden sample’ that your factory produces to ensure that it can be verified as the standard for manufacturing for thousands of additional units.


Certification Coordination

Brinc will coordinate pre-certification and certification sample testing with test labs to obtain the necessary certifications for your product. This is critical as specific certifications are required to be able to ship your goods to your target markets.


Mass Manufacturing Management

We will manage the factory on your behalf, proactively identifying any potential issues and providing approaches to troubleshoot. We will also confirm that the proper quality control measures are in place to ensure that your products function properly and are in line with your quality standards.


Product Shipment

We will help you identify reliable logistics vendors, prepare the required material, as well as track the progress of your goods.


Want to learn more?

Design File Consult

Not sure if you’re ready for manufacturing or if you have all your crucial designs files completed? Jump on a one hour phone consultation with one of our project managers to get some feedback on the completion of your current design files and some practical guidance on how to produce the ones that are missing.