A virtual program, focusing on global startups that are changing the way we move. The program is designed to support startups by offering a tailor-made curriculum based on their specific objectives.

Mobility is at the core of everything we do – from transporting goods and services across countries, to getting people from A to B. Our cities were designed to accommodate the flow of goods and people, however, we think the future of mobility will drastically change how cities are designed.

New technologies in self-driving cars are only the beginning and the entire way we travel is changing. This change will affect far more than car manufacturers and transportation companies as industries from insurance and healthcare to energy and media should reconsider how they create value in this new normal.

Our Mobility Program is looking for innovative solutions focusing on technologies that engage at every part of a smart city, in moving people, assets and goods. We are looking for ways to improve a city’s design and how to change the way we travel.

Join the leading Mobility program in the heart of Hong Kong and get access to one of the fastest growing urban and population centres in the world, via the Greater Bay Area.

Our Offer

We invest a minimum of $80,000 USD via SAFE note or in an equity round for a negotiable percentage.

The program is designed to support startups in three main areas:
1. Preparation in getting investor-ready and fundraising via Brinc’s network of investors
2. Technical support in product refinement to ensure its market readiness
3. Commercialisation via access to new markets, distribution support, or exposure to corporates.

In addition to funding, we provide mentorship, networking, access to experts, food scientists, ecosystem players, distributors, investor match matching, a customized curriculum, an international startup perks package, and on-going support post program to help get your startup to the next level.

Investment Verticals

  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Asset Tracking
  • Digital Twin Modeling
  • Cybersecurity
  • Sustainability
  • Safety
  • Sensors

Application Requirements

  • We invest in international startups. Startups do not have to be based in the program’s location.
  • Startups that have developed a product that fits within one of our Mobility investment verticals.
  • At least 2 co-founders with relevant industry experience.
  • Scalable and defined business model with high growth potential.
  • Fundraising and sales traction.
  • Ideally, must be looking to deploy their product / solution in the Asian market.

Program Requirements

Startups successfully accepted into our accelerator program will need to:

  • Pay a USD $30,000 participation fee for our program. This fee can be deducted from our investment amount.
  • The program is 100% online and remote. There is no need to be physically present in the location for the duration of the program.

Ready to apply?

Applications are currently closed. Complete the interest form below to get notified when our applications open for Spring 2022!

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