Areas of Support


We provide the education on the methodology and practices to help the accelerators to create their own cohort program and start empowering the startups in a meaningful way.

With our support, you will be able to create a program within 3 months! We’ll help design, strategize, execute, and support to help you get your first cohort. Ultimately helping you de-risk early stage startup investing while creating dynamic programs that help startups excel.

Office hours

If you want to talk to us or need further help with the implementation, you can book our mentors’ office hours.

Enabling system & tools

Get access to our enabling system and tools to gear up your program, ready for scalability with digital support!

Follow along investments

We provide follow along investments to the teams that you believe in.

If you are interested in diversified and de-risked early investment opportunities, join our Game Changer Fund! Contact us to learn more.

Community, network & Alliance

The AOA Alliance is a community for all local incubators, accelerators that want to transform their business model, to align with the startups in longer term, to access to more network and support each others.

Join the AOA Alliance if you want to access to our mentor network, founders network and have continuous support from us and from each others.