Traditional innovation methods are outdated. To move with startup agility, you must take a distributed approach and mobilize an ecosystem of partners to innovate on your behalf.


Corporate startup collaboration is crucial for success. A good startup ecosystem is better at shortening innovation cycles, experimenting with new technologies, enhancing existing business models, and inventing new ones more quickly and effectively than internal innovation.

What’s it like working with Brinc?

When it comes to the people at Brinc, they believe in what we do and we can feel that. We're a huge corporation but they also work with startups. They're traversing companies as big as ours, small startups and everything in between.
Charles Johnson
Global Director Innovation
Brinc is the best accelerator program we have worked with.
Rodolphe Héliot
Business Incubation Director,
Schneider Electric Ventures
Brinc not only drove the adoption of a more entrepreneurial mindset, they took the time to understand our business goals so we could prioritze the issues we needed tackling first to successfully creating a more innovative culture.
Francesco Lagutaine
Chief Marketing and Experience
Design Officer, Asia

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