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What is purchase order financing?

Purchase Order Financing is a funding option to fulfill customer order(s). This type of lending provides working capital to cash constrained businesses. Brinc specializes in Purchase Order Financing so we can service businesses that need incremental working capital. Our intimate knowledge of the supply chain in China allows us to lend where banks will not.  

Cash Flow Creation

Without adequate cash or credit available, it can often be challenging for companies to cover the costs of manufacturing or producing goods and other expenses essential to running your business. Purchase Order Financing offers any company that makes, buys or sells products a reliable and secure way to improve cash flow. This finance is essential in supporting pre-sold inventory that will be get on your retailers shelves. 

Benefits of Purchase Order Financing


  • Allows businesses to finance large sales opportunities when the company does not have the adequate cash flow capacity. 

  • Provides an equity alternative that allows for increased sales and growth opportunities. Equity is the most expensive type of finance! 

  • Offers businesses a short-term solution to fund the inventory needed to complete sales transactions, with trade cycles up to 120 days. Thats a long sales cycle. 

  • Advances up to 70 % of the cost of inventory