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We invest in founders that want to positively affect the most important parts of our lives.

We think about how we invest and spend our time a little differently. We don't care about technology or selling widgets, rather, we see startups and bleeding edge technologies as tools to improve our lives and our world. Below, you'll see that we divide our teams into four main areas of our lives: How We Feel, What We Eat, Where We Live, and How We Move.

How We Feel

These companies solve problems related to our physical being, fundamentally improving 'How We Feel'. From medical adherence and diabetic ailments to kid's biometric monitors and platforms that help us relax, Brinc's portfolio covers many of our most pressing health and wellness issues.

What We Eat

The foundation of our health and the world's future prosperity relies on having bountiful, clean and renewable food and water sources. From palm oil plantation and shrimp farming optimization to water surveillance and food safety for end consumers, our portfolio teams are committed to fixing the current issues with our food and water supplies around the world.

How We Move

We live in the physical world and AR and VR won't change that. In the physical world, we face fundamental problems and inefficiencies that can be solved. From connected luggage and car license plates that automatically detect tampering and crashes to commercial deliver fleet optimization and motorcycle communications platforms, Brinc's investments are working on the most pressing issues as we continue to increase our mobility in every country on Earth.

Where We Live

The places we inhabit have either positive or negative affects on us as humans. We generally are oblivious to the many areas that can be optimized or latent problems that exist in our homes, our offices, or our cities. From underwater robotics that inspect our critical infrastructure and low-cost robotics that help keep manufacturing jobs on shore to mesh networks that connect the most rural parts of the world to education and health services, Brinc's founders are working to ensure we live in not just smarter, but also safer environments for decades to come.