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Alex is designing stylish masks to protect us from pollution, pollen and bacteria

The world's most advanced anti-pollution mask

Swedish designed urban air masks that filter particles in the air and protect users from pollen, bacteria and other particulates. The mask’s multi-layer filter technology allows the masks to fit any type of face and has two valves that transport exhaled air out of the mask.



Brinc helped Airinum make their supply chain more robust by helping to source a strong manufacturer and manage their entire production run. This included sample reviews, quality control, component sourcing, and boots on the ground oversight.

Eugene is helping us keep the air around us cool and purified

The most efficient evaporative cooler

A smart personal air conditioner that uses natural eaporative cooling to drop air temperature, humidify and purify the air. The product is not only energy efficient but also smart home compatible.



Brinc managed the engineering and redesign process for the second version of the product. Additionally, Brinc sourced a strong alternative CM with the capability to produce Evapolar’s second production batch. Brinc also completely took over the client’s demanding component sourcing activities.

Charlie is helping avid gamers use the SwitchCharge on the go

The world’s first multifunctional battery case designed for the Nintendo Switch!

A multifunctional battery case designed for the Nintendo Switch that incorporates a high capacity 12,000mAh battery, a kickstand, and 2 game card slots.

SwitchCharge Logo.png


Brinc helped the team identify a strong contract manufacturer, facilitated small design modifications and is currently overseeing their first production run.


Bashir and his team are enabling urban areas to reap the benefits of drone technology

Empowering local businesses and law enforcement

Using autonomous drone technology, Scorpiox services the last minute-last meter delivery of goods (2kg and under) in urban environments. With their modular delivery mechanism and proprietary software, drones can be integrated into their platform.




  • Joined Brinc in 2017
  • Attended Canada’s Big Drone Show 2017
  • Developed proprietary last minute, last meter delivery process and technology.

Eduardo is taking modularity in drones to the next level

Droneable develop highly modularised drones for a variety of industrial purposes.

Droneable’s team has the perfect balance between mechanical, structural and electronic design, and they have developed heavy-duty drones for the agro-industry. Ahead in 2018, Droneable's main goal is to fully automate precision agriculture.




  • Presented first prototipe at RISE 2017
  • Development of Om-01 a multirotor with 20kg payload
  • Development of Om-01 a 2m wingspan Fixed Wing
  • Joined the Reimagine Drone program 2017

Johns is changing how we inspect and protect commercial shipping

EyeROV is an underwater drone. 

An underwater drone that is a highly controllable, easy to use, lightweight for underwater inspections and monitoring.




  • Joined Brinc in 2017
  • Pilot testing with 2 clients already including a underwater research lab and a defense lab
  • Supporting letter issued by Government of Kerala to all Govt Departments of Dam Safety, Fire and Rescue for their assistance in a recent shipwreck investigation

Joel is providing protection for vehicles when parked

Autonomously protect your vehicle while parked. Receive video evidence when someone hits your car.

HueCore is developing the first and only IoT product designed to protect vehicles while parked. VARU will assist insurance companies to reduce their exposure by providing real-time accident reports.




  • Joined Brinc in 2017
  • Secured multiple partnerships with commitment for pre-orders of the Varu products
  • Targeting large Insurance companies for further partnership (B2B2C model)

Aaron is making making travel luggage more secure

Lantrn has reinvented baggage security to better detect, disrupt and ultimately deter crime.

Lantrn has created a digital suitcase lock that monitors luggage and deters tampering by providing the data needed to easily catch those responsible - think of it as a home security system for suitcases.




  • Joined Brinc in 2015
  • 10 patents,
  • Partnership with leading industry players (YiFeng and Travel Sentry) that provide immediate access to over 50% of the luggage market.

Harris and CK are changing how we inspect infrastructure

Raspect is a drone-based inspection platform.

A multi-sensory real-time analytic inspection software solution on drone. The drone is a vehicle for the automation of inspection like rails, exterior of aircrafts, exterior of buildings.




  • Joined Brinc in 2017
  • Winner of HKU DreamCatchers 100K, an entrepreneurship seed fund
  • Accepted into the Cyberport Incubation Program and won their Global Entrepreneurship Week Pitch Competition

Jin Xi is using drones to make agriculture more intelligent

Poladrone is building the future of aerial data collection & analysis from Malaysia.

Using advanced algorithms and a fleet of drones, Poladrone collects and processes data to allow businesses to make data driven decisions remotely.




  • Joined Brinc in 2017
  • Working with 20 palm oil plantations in Malaysia and Indonesia
  • Exclusive, official business distributor of DJI drones in Malaysia and Indonesia

Syauqy, Raynalfie, Hanry and Farid are increasing the yield of shrimp farms in South East Asia

Improving shrimp farming with connectivity.

A multi-sensor device that is easy to use and affordable for the majority of Indonesian shrimp farmers that are independent small holders. Paired with the software platform, farmers can monitor and adjust their treatments and techniques to ensure a healthy and bountiful pond.




  • Joined Brinc in 2017
  • Beta tested in 50 ponds with +100 LOI signed on waitlist
  • Winner of the ASEAN Impact Challenge 2017

Rabih is creating the physical internet in our homes

Automation that makes sense.

Katana is a modular Internet of Things platform that helps poultry farmers better predict the future and optimize their revenue. Using sensors, farmers can collect data and compare it to optimal poultry cycles.




  • Joined Brinc in 2017
  • Alpha pilot test with precision poultry farming to monitor optimal conditions for chicken health

Wing is creating the future of immersive education

WeSee.Live is the first VR video education platform.

Virtual reality tutorials anywhere, anytime.



  • Joined Brinc in 2017
  • Prior VR platform had 500+ paying subscribers for educational course content and +10,000 active users on the app
  • New VR platform launch planned for August 2017
  • Audi sponsored content

Luka is making autonomous drones more accessible to the world

Kapetair is developing vertical takeoff and landing, fixed-wing drones.

The aircraft has as much as 6 times longer flight duration and range than traditional professional drones.




  • Joined Brinc in 2017
  • In talks with Croatian Mountain Rescue Service for beta test in Q3 2017
  • In talks with Hemav, Spain's leading drone services company, to deploy a joint program

Kirill is making autonomous drones more intelligent

Sky-Drones develops flight control systems and autopilot for surveying, mapping, inspection, security, safety and high-quality media production.

Smart AP undertakes R&D and manufacturing of the flight control systems for unmanned aerial vehicles. They develop custom software: flight controller firmware, ground control station and simulation toolkit.




  • Joined Brinc in 2017
  • Smart AP by Sky-Drones
  • Product is already in market, with B2B and B2C customers worldwide

Bradley and Jens are helping people re-charge at work

Silentmode is the ultimate powernap mask.

An ecosystem of products to ‘power-break’ and the data to understand the improvement they make on our mind and body. Technology is able to reduce heart rate by over 25% within five minutes.




  • Joined Brinc in 2017
  • Kickstart campaign is 400% funded with content views +1.2M times
  • HSBC pilot confirmed for 2018
  • Secured Tom Middleton, the world’s leading sleep and psychoacoustic content producer

Linh is delivering preventative diabetic healthcare

A technology platform for preventative diabetic health care.

Their first product, a smart insole with a proprietary embedded graphene sensing system, passively monitors the skin’s physiological signals in order to detect early signs of foot ulcers. This simplifies patient self-monitoring and reduces the frequency of doctor visits.




  • Joined Brinc in 2017
  • 5 US Patents granted + 1 patent pending
  • Conducted Alpha pilot test on 20 patients
  • Won National Science Foundation Grant in the US

Nick is using breath and activity tracking to help people become more mindful

Introducing Strados: A superior breath and activity tracker.

Strados is the only wearable that listens to each and every breath you take. Strados tracks how well your body and activities synchronize with your breaths. Through touch-activated sensors and onboard vibrations, Strados provides you with discrete notification and guides you to mindful breathing that improves performance and health.




  • Joined Brinc in 2017
  • Conducted Alpha and Beta pilot tests with +20 units

  • Early market testing garnered +79,000 impressions and 600+ emails to notify of product launch

  • Launched mobile app (Android) V2, including NFC tag capability for auto-med tracking. Also launched web-app for data analysis, and also enables remote beta users

Eimund and Sedonia are making parenting easier

A smart baby journal for working parents.

A smart baby journal for working parents, including a wearable for caregivers to easily track baby’s daily feeding and behaviour, a connected charging station that doubles as an air quality monitor and a standalone app focused on premium UX and real-time notifications.




  • Joined Brinc in 2017
  • Conducted focus groups and community end user surveys for market development
  • iOS App v1 released Oct 20th with v1.1 update released on Nov 23rd
  • Accepted into the Cyberport Incubation Programme

Anthony and Bob are helping prevent concussion injuries

Fitguard is a mouthguard to help detect head-injuries.

An intelligent mouthguard and smart platform to address the mass market’s need to identify, document and monitor head impacts.




  • Joined Brinc in 2017
  • +100s pre-order and beta program sign ups including national sport champions