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Alex is designing stylish masks to protect us from pollution, pollen and bacteria

The world's most advanced anti-pollution mask

Swedish designed urban air masks that filter particles in the air and protect users from pollen, bacteria and other particulates. The mask’s multi-layer filter technology allows the masks to fit any type of face and has two valves that transport exhaled air out of the mask.



Brinc helped Airinum make their supply chain more robust by helping to source a strong manufacturer and manage their entire production run. This included sample reviews, quality control, component sourcing, and boots on the ground oversight.

Eugene is helping us keep the air around us cool and purified

The most efficient evaporative cooler

A smart personal air conditioner that uses natural eaporative cooling to drop air temperature, humidify and purify the air. The product is not only energy efficient but also smart home compatible.



Brinc managed the engineering and redesign process for the second version of the product. Additionally, Brinc sourced a strong alternative CM with the capability to produce Evapolar’s second production batch. Brinc also completely took over the client’s demanding component sourcing activities.

Charlie is helping avid gamers use the SwitchCharge on the go

The world’s first multifunctional battery case designed for the Nintendo Switch!

A multifunctional battery case designed for the Nintendo Switch that incorporates a high capacity 12,000mAh battery, a kickstand, and 2 game card slots.

SwitchCharge Logo.png


Brinc helped the team identify a strong contract manufacturer, facilitated small design modifications and is currently overseeing their first production run.