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Eduardo is taking modularity in drones to the next level

Droneable develop highly modularised drones for a variety of industrial purposes.

Droneable’s team has the perfect balance between mechanical, structural and electronic design, and they have developed heavy-duty drones for the agro-industry. Ahead in 2018, Droneable's main goal is to fully automate precision agriculture.




  • Presented first prototipe at RISE 2017
  • Development of Om-01 a multirotor with 20kg payload
  • Development of Om-01 a 2m wingspan Fixed Wing
  • Joined the Reimagine Drone program 2017

Jin Xi is using drones to make agriculture more intelligent

Poladrone is building the future of aerial data collection & analysis from Malaysia.

Using advanced algorithms and a fleet of drones, Poladrone collects and processes data to allow businesses to make data driven decisions remotely.




  • Joined Brinc in 2017
  • Working with 20 palm oil plantations in Malaysia and Indonesia
  • Exclusive, official business distributor of DJI drones in Malaysia and Indonesia

Syauqy, Raynalfie, Hanry and Farid are increasing the yield of shrimp farms in South East Asia

Improving shrimp farming with connectivity.

A multi-sensor device that is easy to use and affordable for the majority of Indonesian shrimp farmers that are independent small holders. Paired with the software platform, farmers can monitor and adjust their treatments and techniques to ensure a healthy and bountiful pond.




  • Joined Brinc in 2017
  • Beta tested in 50 ponds with +100 LOI signed on waitlist
  • Winner of the ASEAN Impact Challenge 2017