Born’s mission is to nourish and protect the most vulnerable – our mothers, babies and planet – with the safest, kindest, highest quality nutrition. Born aims to create a range of vegan pregnancy and infant formulas, providing mothers and their growing infants with the nutrition they need from plants using the latest food technologies. The milks are also an environmentally friendly alternative to cow’s milk formula products, low in allergens and cruelty free.

Shelley Lee Davies, Founder & CEO of Born, is an Oxford graduate with over 10 years of experience in brand and marketing consumer goods. She is a filmmaker, plant-based advocate and E-commerce expert. She has an experienced team as well as industry experts as advisors including Josh Tetrick, CEO, JUST.

Key Milestones

– First milk formula created with non-allergenic, plant-based proteins and lipids.

– Designed a proprietary processing technique to gently extract proteins for optimal nutrition and natural flavors from whole food sources to create their ‘trade secret’ formula blends with novel ingredients.

– Has partnered with a downstream manufacturer to launch first product in HK & USA.


Shelley Lee Davies
Founder & CEO