The Hub

Navigating through the Open Metaverse Together


The Hub is building a hub for Open Metaverse Experiences by converging Metaverse agnostic infrastructure with complementary dApps. This becomes the homebase for users navigating through the Open Metaverse. We believe that the next step in terms of adoption within the Metaverse will be applications and communities – both of whom we are addressing through our approach as an Aggregator. Our core principle is “Navigating through the Open Metaverse together”. We do this with the following aspects:

1) Building a decentralized “country” in the Open Metaverse by acquiring, managing and developing LANDs and other Metaverse assets across various Metaverses such as The Sandbox, Decentraland, Somnium Space which our community governs and thus monetises via e.g. GameFi applications, event venues, art galleries and cultural hubs. The primary objective here is to bring back ownership to users and hence members of The Hub DAO.

2) Developing and aggregating intuitive applications to build the “iPhone of the Open Metaverse”. These tools can then gamify the experience of DeFi, Data-tooling and more to foster mainstream adoption once directly integrated into different Metaverses. The dApps are focusing on three core pillars right now: 1) Metaverse Development like our DCL Editor, 2) Data applications for B2C, where the idea is to become the for the Metaverse and B2B where (NFT Markeplaces, DeFi Protocols, Asset Managers) the vision is to become the Bloomberg for these players to provide the necessary data on Metaverse assets and 3) MetaFi tools which we are soon launching (e.g. NFT Pools & Metaverse Index, perpetual LAND Swaps, LAND Trading Bot ) which are leveraging the data of the algorithm.

3) Covering the current needs (investing and building) for B2C and B2B players within the emerging Metaverse space by addressing 1) investments with the AI based NFT valuation and trading capabilities as well as 2) building with our Metaverse development team consisting of Game Developers, Designers and Architects.


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Nicolas Weber
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