The Morpheus Project

An Education Metaverse


Morpheus Metaverse is an educational virtual world that incorporates historical artifacts, immersive learning, and NFTs. Educators can create virtual & augmented reality lessons. We partnered with 7 museums from 4 countries to bring digital artifacts to 120+ schools in the UK. Learners can discover new knowledge privately or jointly with their friends and earn tokens as a reward. Learn to Earn – the more you learn, the more you earn.

Detailed version

Our vision is to create a virtual world where learners can study online immersively using VR/AR technologies, exploring world-class content from museums all around the world, store their achievements on blockchain and collaborate with their friends, teacher and everyone in the learning community.

A metaverse where
– educational organizations and educators can own LAND and create learning experiences;
– students can learn immersively and collaboratively with their friends;
– academic records and achievements are stored on a blockchain to ensure longevity and immutability;
– socio-cultural important arts and artifacts can be collected as NFT.
– users can open other businesses in the Morpheus metaverse such as virtual office space, game center, dating activities and conference halls.

Museums and international partnerships:
1) The Imperial War Museums (UK)
2) The Science Museum Group (UK)
3) The Hunt Museum (Ireland)
4) Epic museum (Ireland)
5) Anglo Boer War Museum (South Africa)
6) Ditsong Museum (South Africa)
7) The museum of mineralogy and petrography (Romania)

University & School Partnerships:
1) University, Iaşi, Romania
2) Bangkok Preop International School, Thailand


Sirisilp Kongsilp
Sirisilp Kongsilp
Co-Founder & CEO