From 2020 to 2022, nearly 2 million new units of industrial robots are expected to be installed in factories around the world, according to forecasts from The International Federation of Robotics.

This new workforce will play a vital role in the global shift towards industrial automation, revolutionizing operations from production to services.

Industrial automation is often associated with the application of robotics, and the adoption of such technologies will allow improvements to safety, costs, quality, and flexibility. With new developments and innovations around collaborative robots mimicking human actions, this wave of technological change could bring unimaginable transformations to the way we live.

Why do we care?

With other technologies such as Artificial Intelligence complementing the growth of robotics, these machines are now being deployed to perform more complicated procedures than ever before, including minimal invasive surgeries. The application of robotics is revolutionizing the way we think and approach a number of different sectors and industries.

Enhancing Safety & Flexibility

Robots can help eliminate dangerous tasks, creating flexibility for workers and companies.

Accuracy for Intricate Tasks

Robots can go beyond the physical limitations of humans by performing tasks for longer with greater accuracy.

Reduced Costs

Employing robots for repetitive tasks can reduce costs and allow human resources to be deployed elsewhere.

Enhanced Supply Chains

Increased production and profit margins as tasks are completed quicker by an ‘always on’ workforce.

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Solving the world’s problems

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