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Manufacturing Setup

Once your vendors are selected for mass production and you’ve completed the design for manufacturing (DFM) process it’s now time to go through the process of setting up manufacturing. During this phase your product will go through a series of manufacturing builds including EVT, DVT and PVT. During this process you will validate the product and manufacturing processes to scale manufacturing.

Manufacturing Qualification Process:

  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM) - Final design sign off - Input from manufacturing partners highlighting any concerns in design or optimization of design to run scaled manufacturing before kicking off tooling.

  • Engineering Validation Testing (EVT) - up to 50 units - First build to test all functional requirements are matched to product requirement.

  • Design Validation Testing (DVT) - A few hundred units - Small batch build to test product functionality, cosmetics and ability to meet test requirements. These units are also used for product certifications.

  • Production Validation Testing (PVT) - 500+ units - Pilot production line to check if there is any failure at any stage of the production line and evaluate how to optimize the manufacturing process for Mass production. Full QC testing implemented.

  • Packaging Development & Management

  • Quality Assurance & Logistics

  • Test & Certification Support

  • Troubleshoot Technical Issues

Our Services:

  • Design For Manufacturing Management

  • Golden Sample Review

  • Manufacturing Qualification Program Management

  • On-Site Build Support

Service Requirements:

  • To get started we suggest sharing a detailed product description including all product requirements and specifications.

  • All existing design related files (2D,3D, Gerber Files, Etc.).

  • Details regarding target pricing, minimum order quantities and annual volumes.

  • Preferred shipping methods, countries product will be sold in and certification requirements (if known).

  • Project timeline and how quickly you’re seeking to move forward on the project.

  • Status and plan to fund manufacturing ramp and production.

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