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Design For Manufacturing

During the transition from functional prototypes to manufacturing there is a critical process in which your design is further evaluated and modified by your appointed manufacturing partners. This process is referred to as design for manufacturing of (DFM).

Some of the benefits of DFM include reducing manufacturing costs, limit delays in scaling manufacturing and improved quality.

Brinc can support by managing this process for clients who are going through this for the first time and or want to accelerate and de-risk this process through on the ground support in China.

Our Services:

  • Design For Manufacturing Management

  • Design Review

  • Manufacturing Discovery

  • Supplier Audit

Service Requirements:

  • Project overview including product requirements documents and testing information.

  • All design files to evaluate maturity of design including 2D, 3D, Gerber, Etc.

  • Details of supply chain partners (if established) otherwise we can help find appropriate vendors.

  • Status and plan to fund manufacturing services to ensure adequate capital is raised or planned to get to mass production.

Why Use Our Services?

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