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Research & Development

You’ve got a product concept and ready to move onto the next step? For most companies this is first critical juncture in having to determine the best way to design and develop your idea.

In starting research and development for a new product some of the considerations to be looked at include understanding the market/user needs, aligning product requirements and key features that will define your product. This is highly collaborative among researchers, designers, engineers and key stakeholders. For those companies that are lacking all the necessary resources in-house, finding external partners is critical.

Our team can help support by find the right team for any external technical support required during research and development. We also advise clients if any there are options to leverage existing technology to increase speed to market and reduce R&D costs. 

  • Market/User Research

  • Product Definition Workshop

  • Prototyping

  • Technology Exploration

Our Services:

  • Concept Review

  • Design & Engineering Support

  • Feasibility Assessment

  • Gap Analysis

Service Requirements:

  • Project overview and maturity of current concept.

  • Brief description of what services you’re seeking support with so Brinc has a good understanding of what you’re looking for.

  • Details regarding the project timeline and how quickly you’re seeking to proceed.

  • Status and plan to fund product development and manufacturing services.

Why Use Our Services?

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