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Manufacturing Sourcing

Companies who try to manufacture new products in China typically underestimate the time, effort and complexity of finding the right manufacturing partner for their business. From our experience, identifying, engaging, auditing and negotiating with the right partners is a complex and multi-step process. Managing this process from overseas is not only difficult but also time consuming and risky.

Let us help you find the right factory to manufacture your product and ensure that they have the appropriate facilities, expertise and resources to fulfill your needs.

Our Services:

  • Contract Negotiation / Review

  • Product Requirements Analysis

  • Product Technical Review

  • Request For Quotation Management

  • Vendor Audit

  • Vendor Comparison & Selection

  • Vendor Profile Building

  • Vendor Sourcing

Service Requirements:

  • To get started we suggest sharing a detailed product description including any defined requirements and specifications

  • All existing design related files (2D,3D, Gerber Files, Etc.)

  • Details regarding target pricing, minimum order quantities and annual volumes.

  • Preferred shipping methods, countries product will be sold in and certification requirements (if known)

  • Project timeline and how quickly you’re seeking to move forward on the project.

  • Funding status and plans for development and manufacturing.

Why Use Our Services?

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If you have any questions, feel free to talk to us now.