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Is there an existing product already available that you are looking to white label? Let us help you source the right products from the best suppliers in China!

Navigating through the large volume of supplier information provided by resources such as Alibaba can be a headache. Not only are the supplier details out of date but these resources don't provide full transparency into the capabilities, facilities and reliability of vendors listed on their platforms. 

Therefore, individual buyers as well as businesses looking  to source products in China are overwhelmed by the selection process and fearful that they aren't making informed decisions.

We’ll  manage the production of your  goods in China, oversee any customization work and ship the goods directly to you. It’s as simple as that!

We believe that by combining consultancy and execution, we can not only help our clients identify the best suppliers for their requirements, but we can also project manage the entire production process ensuring that the supplier’s output is in line with your quality expectations.

Our Process


Define the product you want to source

Help us understand the exact product you are looking to source in China by filling out our sourcing form. In the sourcing form, we ask you to provide important information that will allow our sourcing team to find the most appropriate suppliers for you. The details include a description of the target product, a reference picture and product specifications.

You can access the form here.


Supplier Sourcing

We will identify 3-5 top vendors  in China that can supply your product and fit most of your requirements. We will provide supplier details in the form of a report including factory name, website, minimum order quantities, unit price, etc.


Ordering Samples

Tell us which suppliers from the list you’re interested in and we’ll procure samples of their products and ship them over to you to review.  Once you’ve inspected the samples, let us know which supplier you’d like to work with.


Production Preparation

After you’ve selected your factory, our team will work closely with them to ensure that your specifications, customization requirements and your time frames are clearly understood. We will also support you with the actual contract negotiations process to ensure that the appropriate paperwork is in place and that the terms are favorable to you.  


Production Management

We will manage the production and customization of your goods on your behalf, proactively identifying any potential issues and providing approaches to troubleshoot.


Quality Control

We will make sure that the proper quality control measures are in place to ensure that your products function properly and are in line with your quality expectations.


Shipping & Logistics

We will help identify reliable logistics vendors who can ship your goods from China. We will closely monitor the movement of your goods from China to its end destination on your behalf.


Repeat Purchase Orders

Once your first production batch has sold out, we’ll help you place repeat orders to your factory, oversee the production of your future goods and help manage your inventory.

We have an extensive network of suppliers of all types of products in our database, vendors we’ve worked together with and trust.

Source your product now.