IMPACTFUL RETURNS get in touch Startups are expanding at rapid rates. To stay ahead of curve and detect changes in the industry, investors must take a distributed approach and establish ecosystem partnerships that can drive de-risked and high-quality pipeline of investments. Ultimately, investors who provide support beyond the spreadsheet will win. Founders need investors who […]


DRIVING ECONOMIC GROWTH get in touch Innovation is occurring at an unprecedented rate. To move with startup agility, governments need to take a distributed approach and establish ecosystem partners who can drive innovation. It’s essential for governments to foster and develop startup ecosystems. Establishing a robust startup ecosystem enables their country to develop local talent […]


TURNING CORPORATES INTO DISRUPTORS get in touch Traditional innovation methods are outdated. To move with startup agility, you must take a distributed approach and mobilize an ecosystem of partners to innovate on your behalf. Corporate startup collaboration is crucial for success. A good startup ecosystem is better at shortening innovation cycles, experimenting with new technologies, […]


GLOBAL NETWORK AND EXPERTISE get in touch Creating a platform of corporates, governments, accelerators and investors to support and invest in game-changing startups that are creating a more sustainable and inclusive world. Why Brinc? We have deep expertise investing in and accelerating 239 startups across a range of industries such as Blockchain, Climate Tech, FoodTech […]