We are more than an accelerator.

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accelerate your startup 

Our teams raise an average of $1.9m USD in follow on funding.

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make your product

 Save an average of 30-50% off your Bill of Materials. 

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grow your business

Scale with partners like Asia Miles, CVS and Guitar Center.


Founders love our unique approach to building businesses.


We take an educational approach. 

We teach you how to build the business that makes the product. Our sprint-based learning program is focused on product validation and critical early market traction for connected hardware businesses. This helps you be well-positioned for scaling your business, mass production and fundraising. 

We help you no matter where you are in the world. 

Innovation happens everywhere, so we help you accelerate, make or grow from where you are. If you want to access our global offices, you're always part of the family, but you can stay put and lean on our network to make your resources go as far as they can.

We are hands-on. 

You could say it’s ultra-hands on support. Our bench of global experts support you through the sprint with weekly 1:1 office hours and feedback, and regular sessions with your team and the Brinc Connect, Build and Grow teams to make sure you’re tracking for short term milestones and long term success.

...there is no doubt that we would not have achieved the success in R&D and crowdfunding without Brinc.
— Antoine Markarian, Co-Founder, Kello

The internet of things will dramatically change life in four important areas.

Our investment thesis, capabilities and accelerator program are designed to help founders use technology as a tool to address deep challenges in the world. 

how we feel

how we feel

smart health and the quantified self

where we live

where we live

smart cities, our urban future and sustainability

what we eat

what we eat

agricultural technology and the future of food security 

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how we move

mobility, the last mile and the future of the supply chain