Amplifying token network effects

IGNIT3 Your Token Launch Success

A bespoke advisory program providing direct access to the resources Web3 founders need to navigate the complex landscape of token launches.

Key Listing Partnerships

Connect with listing managers and trusted market makers to ensure exchange prioritization, liquidity, and fair trading practices.


Partner with relevant key opinion leaders (KoLs) who can help increase project visibility and adoption.

Capital and

Access investors, KoLs and ecosystem grant providers to cover listing fees, marketing, and other pre-launch strategies.

Our Team’s Track Record

70+Projects successfully listed across leading exchanges

US$231MAverage fully diluted valuation of projects at launch

>US$8BCumulative fully diluted valuation of projects today

How IGNIT3 Accelerates Token Launch Success

Formulating a cost effective strategy that optimizes for successful listings across several industry leading launchpads and exchange partners.

Matching your project’s needs and goals with the listing requirements of the different listing platforms, helping secure discounted listing fees where possible.

Onboard industry leading market makers and customize the engagement to your project’s needs.

Partner with KoLs that have the most relevant communities for your project’s growth strategy and build meaningful partnership incentives that have proven to influence long term success of token projects.

Pitch to investors and grant ecosystems that are best suited to support your project, providing capital to fuel success while offsetting listing costs.

Devise and execute a robust go-to-market plan to generate sufficient awareness and traction for your token at launch.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The main goal of IGNIT3 is to maximize the success of token launches. This requires projects to be working with the right exchanges and market makers for their current stage of business, while also considering key partnerships that will create enough hype ahead of the launch. We assess and address all aspects of the business that are required to bring these partnerships to life as quick as possible, including (but not limited to):

  1. Establishing a token distribution strategy and post-listing strategy
  2. Navigating the distribution landscape with direct introductions to key decisions makers at numerous token listing service providers
  3. Token design and token engineering adjustments
  4. Community building and marketing strategy
  5. Pre-listing fundraising strategy (reviewing pitch decks and making connections)
  6. End to end project management

Projects that have already completed their seed funding round. These projects should ideally have achieved initial product-market fit and be able to demonstrate community growth and product traction. We evaluate projects on a case-by-case basis and maintain high entry requirements to ensure the quality and potential for success of the projects we work with.

We maintain regular and ongoing engagement with projects, which includes weekly 1:1 catch-up calls. However, we recognize that each project has its own specific needs and therefore, our advisory services are tailored to accommodate different working styles and frequency of engagement.

The IGNIT3 platform provides access to an extensive network of developers, exchanges, and marketing experts and more. Our network facilitates tailored strategies that align with project-specific needs while leveraging the latest industry insights. Strategic partnerships and collaborations, enabled by these connections, boost token visibility, credibility, and community engagement.

We provide valuable support in refining each project’s fundraising strategies, with a particular focus on pre-listing funding (other fundraising support can be found in our traditional accelerator programs). While we provide expert guidance, we do not provide regulated advice or actively engage in the fundraising process itself. It’s important to note that, as a token launch program, our primary objective is to focus on facilitating successful token launches.

Our role is to help projects navigate the path to a successful token launch with a strong foundation for long-term success.